Unique Home Screen

Personalize your iPhone

With Pego Icon, you can personalize what's inside your iPhone. The customization is endless, and you can create your own special home screen that excites you every time you open it.

Original Icon

Over 240 original icons

More than 240 icons are available, from standard apps to popular apps. Pego Icon icons are added from time to time, and additional icons are free with a one-time purchase.

Color variations

A wide variety of carefully selected colors

The Pego Icon Casual is available in five colors. You can arrange your iPhone freely, even if it is a single color, it is cute, and it is even cuter when you combine it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the icon one time purchase?

All products are one-time-purchase, so there is no monthly charge. Icons that are added at any time are also free once you purchase them.

Where can I get updated icons?

An icon download link will be automatically sent to the customer's email address registered at the time of update. Please contact us if you have any problems such as not receiving the email.

Do you accept icon requests?

Yes^^ We will use it as a reference for updates, so please feel free to request it from the inquiry form.