Setting guide

The icon setting method is explained in 5 steps.

*The procedure requires Apple's genuine "Files app" and "Shortcuts app". Please install it in advance.


1 download icon image

You can download it from the screen displayed after purchase. Alternatively, you can copy the link sent to you by email and paste it into a browser such as Safari or Chrome to download it.


2Save image to file

There is no problem even if you delete the Zip file that has been decompressed once.


3 Save image to camera roll


4 Add your favorite icons to your home screen

* If there is no "Open App" on this screen, tap "Scripting" from "Add Action " and select " Open App".

*In the iOS16 version, you can select Add to Home Screen by tapping the small arrow mark at the top of the screen.


The name you enter here will be displayed on the home screen. You can leave it blank,too.


5. Hide the original icon


Press and hold the screen to enter the home screen edit mode, and you can freely move the icons.

Apps stored in the App Library can be checked at any time by swiping the home screen all the way to the right. If you want the hidden app back on your home screen, select Add to Home Screen.